Susie Brown

Assistant Tennis Pro

Phone: 704-544-9755, ext. 324

I was born in Berkeley, California and raised in Oakland, California. I am a fourth generation Californian. My father wanted me to have opportunities that he did not have as a child, growing up in the depression with a widowed mother who was bringing up two boys by herself.  Introducing me to tennis was one of those opportunities.

I began playing tennis at 6 ½ and tournaments at 8 years of age. Twice I was ranked in the top ten in the United States.
I was fortunate to earn a scholarship to Brigham Young University where I played for two years. We were ranked in the top ten in the United States both years. I transferred to the University of Southern California and earned a scholarship there as well. I was able to play on the best team in the United States where we won the National title two years in a row. I earned my B.A. from USC in Communication Arts & Sciences. I continued playing tournament tennis and was the Women's Open Singles Player of the Year in USTA Northern California. I went on to win two USTA National titles in the Women's 30 age division in doubles.
I decided to stay close to home and become a Tennis Teaching Professional. I had taught quite a bit as a teenager and as a college student. I wanted to share what I had been taught and help players young and old to reach their tennis goals. I have been teaching tennis for over 30 years.
Since moving to North Carolina, I have played USTA League for several years reaching the Nationals three times. In 2014 my team won Nationals. In 2017 I was selected to represent North Carolina in the Southern Cup, a competition against other senior players from the Southern Section of the USTA. Later that year I was selected to represent the USTA Southern section in the Senior USTA Intersectionals were we won the national title.
I am the type of coach that will bring out the best in you as long as you are willing. Sometimes that means taking two steps backwards in order to take four steps forward. If a player is willing to look at the big picture and embrace it, then we are headed in the right direction. I am honest and straight forward with my coaching. If you are doing a great job I will tell you and if you are not well, I will let you know that too. I don't believe in giving false praise. It only sets a player up for failure. I want my students to have fun and improve.
I know that not everyone wants to be a competitive player so I tailor my coaching to the goals of each player. Tennis should be fun and it can be a sport of a lifetime of enjoyment. My passion for coaching is to give a player the opportunity to reach and even exceed their goals however big or small.

I enjoy many sports other than tennis. Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area I was lucky to see the Raiders, A's, Warriors, Giants, Forty-Niners and Sharks play. I also enjoy NASCAR. I worked part time at the NASCAR Hall of Fame for four years. When the TV is on at my house most likely it is on a sports channel.
I love my "kids". I have a Labrador, Lucy and two cats, Shelby, and Eleanor. They keep me busy when I am not on the tennis court.